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 ====== Pedagogia ====== ====== Pedagogia ======
 +Moodle needs to be flexible to cater for a wide variety of needs while remaining simple enough for ordinary teachers to start making good use of the power of the internet for community building and collaborative learning. My hope is that Moodle can be seen as a toolbox where they can start simply and naturally, and then progress to more and more advanced community facilitation over time. Ultimately, we'd like to see teachers being involved with and supported by a community of their peers.
 +Let's look at a typical progression that a teacher might go through as they learn to use the Moodle tools:
 +  * Putting up the handouts (Resources, SCORM)
 +  * Providing a passive Forum (unfacilitated)
 +  * Using Quizzes and Assignments (less management)
 +  * Using the Wiki, Glossary and Database tools (interactive content)
 +  * Facilitate discussions in Forums, asking questions, guiding
 +  * Combining activities into sequences, where results feed later activities
 +  * Introduce external activities and games (internet resources)
 +  * Using the Survey module to study and reflect on course activity
 +  * Using peer-review modules like Workshop, giving students more control over grading and even structuring the course in some ways
 +  * Conducting active research on oneself, sharing ideas in a community of peers
 http://​docs.moodle.org/​25/​en/​Pedagogy http://​docs.moodle.org/​25/​en/​Pedagogy
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