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Repositorios en Moodle 2.7


Standard repositories, Enabled by default

Upload a file - you use this for browsing for and uploading a file from your computer or USB.
Server files - this give access to files elsewhere on Moodle according to your permissions.
Recent files - the last 50 files you have uploaded, according to the context.
Private files - your own personal storage area for files.
Youtube videos - search for and display Youtube videos
URL downloader - download files, images from a particular URL
Wikimedia - search for and display media from Wikimedia

Additional repositories may be enabled by a site administrator

Alfresco - link to or copy files from Alfresco into Moodle
Amazon S3
Box - bring files in from your Box account
Dropbox - bring files in from Dropbox
Embedded files - re-use files embedded into the current text area
EQUELLA - link to files in an EQUELLA installation
File system - access files uploaded to a folder on your server (by, eg FTP)
Flickr public - search for and display images from Flickr
Flickr - search for and display images from your personal Flickr account
Google Drive - bring files from your Google Drive account
Legacy course files - use the old system from 1.9 of “course files”
Merlot.org - bring resources in from Merlot.org
Oohoo - Capture repository - allows users to record video, sound and take a photo WITHOUT a streaming server.
Picasa web album - search for and display images from your Picasa account
PoodLL repository - record audio or video directly into your Moodle HTML areas
OneDrive - bring in files from your Microsoft OneDrive (formerly known as Skydrive)
WebDAV -bring in files using webdav

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