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Sun 4/50 SPARCstation IPX

    SPARCstation IPX (4/50)
        Processor(s):   Fujitsu MB86903 or Weitek W8701 @ 40MHz, FPU on
                        CPU chip, Sun-4c MMU, 8 hardware contexts,
                        28.5 MIPS, 4.2 MFLOPS, 21.8 SPECint92,
                        21.5 SPECfp92, 517 SPECintRate92, 510
        CPU:            501-1780/1810/1959/2044
        Chassis type:   lunchbox
        Bus:            SBus @ 20MHz, 2 slots
        Memory:         64M physical; 64K write-through cache,
                        direct-mapped, virtually indexed, virtually
                        tagged, 32-byte lines
        Architecture:   sun4c
        Notes:          Code name "Hobbes". 4M or 16M x 33 72-pin SIMMs.
                        Onboard GX-accelerated cg6 color framebuffer
                        (not usable with ECL mono monitors, unlike SBus
                        version). Picture of Hobbes (from Watterson's
                        "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip) silkscreened on
                        motherboard. 1.44M 3.5" floppy. First supported
                        in SunOS 4.1.1 (may require IPX supplement).
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