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Sun 4/15 SPARCstation Classic

    SPARCclassic (SPARCclassic Server)(SPARCstation LC) (4/15)
        Processor(s):   microSPARC @ 50MHz, 59.1 MIPS, 4.6 MFLOPS,
                        26.4 SPECint92, 21.0 SPECfp92,
                        626 SPECintRate92, 498 SPECfpRate92
        CPU:            501-2200/2262/2326
        Chassis type:   lunchbox
        Bus:            SBus @ 20MHz, 2 slots
        Memory:         96M physical
        Architecture:   sun4m
        Notes:          Sun4m architecture, but no Mbus. Shares code
                        name "Sunergy" with LX. Uniprocessor only. 1.44M
                        3.5" floppy. Soldered CPU chip. Onboard cgthree
                        framebuffer, AMD79C30 8-bit audio chip. Takes
                        pairs of 4M or 16M 60ns SIMMs. First supported
                        in SunOS 4.1.3c.
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